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Ink Cartridges


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Ink replacement cartridges for Code Sealer Machines

Depending on the size and details of the print being done, these ink cartridges can print between 10.000 – 70.000 times before running dry. The program included with the Code Sealer Machines can tell you exactly how many.

Ink Type

Jet Stamp 1025 black, Jet Stamp 1025 black P5-MP3-BK, Jet Stamp 1025 black P5-MP4-BK, Jet Stamp 1025 yellow P5-MP6-YE, Jet Stamp graphic 970 black, Jet Stamp graphic 970 red, Jet Stamp graphic black 970 P3-MP3-BK black, Jet Stamp graphic 970 UV, Reiner 940 Black, Reiner 940 red, Reiner 940 P3-MP3-BK Black, Reiner 940 UV, Speed-i-jet 798 black, Speed-i-jet 798 red, Jet Stamp 790/792 black, Jet Stamp 790/792 red, Jet Stamp 790/792-MP-792-MP-MP2- Marker black, Jet Stamp 790/792-MP-792-MP-MP2- Marker yellow, Jet Stamp 790/792-MP-792-MP-MP2- Marker-10 black


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