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Shrink Wrapper - FP Series


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FP Series Shrinkpackers

Available in Gray or Orange depending on availability

Suitable for PVC shrink film max. thickness of 30µ and POF film max. 19µ


    Simply place your product inside the film, put it into the welding area and close the hood. Both welding and thermal shrinkage operations occur simultaneously. 


    All the machines are designed for use with shrink film. Maximum film thickness varies from 19µ – 30µ depending on the model. The most commonly used film wraps are:

    • Polyolefins – Suitable for both food and technical products
    • PVC – Suitable for technical products, does not require as much heat as other materials.
    • Cryo Thermo – A highly transparent film. The best looking option.


    Pro Tip 

    Make sure to choose the correct film thickness for your product. Using the right film can not only save you thousands in costs, it will also limit your material waste!Interested in this machine? For any questions and further information, WRITE US or give us a CALL and we will contact you within 24 hours.


FP 5540, FP 7060


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