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Stand up Pouch with Digital Print


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Digital print is only available for Stand up pouches with a paper exterior. Coffe bags with one-way-valve are not suitable for this method. Quantity: 500 units
Prices here include:
– The cost of printing
– The cost of the bags themselves
Transport not included.

Please choose from the right:
1. Material combination
2. Bag size
3. Print method
4. Amount

If what you are looking for isn’t included in the list, please write us a NOTE or Email and let us know what you need.Printing usually takes approximately 2 weeks.We will send you a Layout file to place your design on once the Order is made.See below for correct print file formatting.

1. The print data must be in Cyan. Turquoise.(C), magenta(M), yellow(Y) and black(K)-(CMYK colour model)
2. Background images, colours, gradients and graphics should be set to the size of the desired bag.
3. Leave 7 mm space from edges, this area is sealed. (Otherwise, there will be colour deviations).
4. The resolution of graphics should be 300 dpi minimum. Make sure always use high-resolution images for your artwork, otherwise, the print will be (slightly) pixelated.
5. Convert all fonts to curves.
6. Under and above the zip it is necessary to leave 8mm unprinted.
7. Printing on the bottom fold should be avoided. (Otherwise, there will be colour deviations).
8. Set white as spot colour (SpotColor_White) in C26, M0, Y0, K0.
9. White that should be under-printed (underneath other colours) should be set with overprint (all areas and contours).
10. Save the print data as Adobe Illustrator (AI) or in PDF format.

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