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Synthesis INOX - Food Packaging Machine


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Sealing bar size: 530x390mm
Max. film roll size: 250mm diameter / 600mm width
Power supply: 120/200/220V
Power max.: 3,2 kW
Machine size: 1280x770x1400mm (open hood)
Machine size: 1280x770x1180mm (closed hood)
Weight Net/Gross: 100Kg / 134Kg


Trolley size: 850x590x620mm
Trolley weight Net/Gross: 21Kg / 23Kg

  • The INOX shrink wrapping machine is especially designed for food. It is ideal for:

    • Pizzas
    • Cakes
    • Bread
    • Fruit
    • Vegetables

    and much, much more!

    The new ventilation system is specifically designed for the highest simplicity and hygiene, and allows for a constant temperature without overheating. The motor has been moved from the bottom of the bell for ease of access, easy cleaning and absolute hygiene. Both welding and retraction are done simultaneously, and thanks to its great screen display, you can set the values directly and easily. All these innovations provide you with energy savings of up to 20%!

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